It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

Spring time is here, and that means it's time for spring cleaning.

Cleaning can be a very scary word for a lot of people, but its so important to do a deep clean every once and a while to keep your house in good shape.

In real estate some of the toughest parts of listing a home is cleaning and 

de-cluttering it. If you can do a de-clutter and deep clean once a year, this dreaded deep clean before selling your home will be much less painful.

Here are some tips for cleaning this spring.

1. Get The Whole Family Involved

            Yes that's right, go grab the kids and tell them its time to clean. Give each family   member a room in the house to work on so that everyone can be involved and feel             accomplished by living in a clean home.

2. Clean Top to Bottom

            Work from the ceilings to walls to floors. This way all dust and debris off the walls will fall downward and you're not re-cleaning the same space twice.

3. Don't Forget About Your Windows

            Windows are one of the most important things to clean in the spring time. Inside and out cleaning allows for more natural sunlight to enter your home. And hey, its spring time, going outside to clean isn't so bad in the warm sunlight that we missed so much in the winter.

4. Declutter & Donate

            Spring time is when you can get rid of those clothes you haven't worn in years or finally tackle that closet of furniture you never use and donate it to a local charity. Getting rid of things you never use feels so refreshing and can also help out another person in your community by donating.

5. Finally, Don't Forget About the Little Things

            Things like the ceiling fan in the bathroom or baseboards in the house are often      neglected when people do spring cleaning. Try to wipe down your fans, clean your baseboards and cupboards and you'll thank me for how much better your house looks!

Cheers to some fun spring cleaning in 2019.

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What Would You Say If I Told You Open Houses DON'T Sell Houses?!

The real estate market has changed in the last couple years and open houses are one of the least effective ways to sell a home.

            First, open houses are often filled with neighbors who want to see in the home, people who were just driving buy and first time home buyers who want to get a feel for houses in their area. Serious buyers don't wait for a Saturday afternoon to view a home through an open house, they will book a showing with a qualified agent any day for a private viewing.

            Second, social media and marketing has become so developed in the last few years that make sharing the sale of a home has become such a public thing. The internet has become one of the top ways to advertise about a home sale. This is one of the ways that John Walkinshaw Real Estate shines above other agents in the area. With his verified and popular Facebook page, business Instagram page, and property YouTube videos he creates for every listing, people in the area are likely to hear about a listing with John Walkinshaw.

            As you can see below, realtor direct contact is the leading way to get buyers. Thankfully John Walkinshaw Real Estate has a great reputation with agents in his area because of his incredible negotiation skills, management styles and teamwork abilities.

            If anything that was mentioned here interests you, or you would like to hear more about new trends in Real Estate please contact me today by phone at 519-942-7413 or email me at john@johnwalkinshaw.com. I am always excited to hear from new clients and reconnect with old ones. I look forward to your call.  

Shelburne is Growing!

Have you heard? There has been immense growth in Shelburne for the past several months. It seems as though all of the sudden Shelburne has developed from being a small farming town into being the second fastest growing town in all of Canada*.

            Toronto has gotten so overdeveloped and overpopulated that for a few years now people have begun moving outward, effecting the GTA including Orangeville and now Shelburne. But some locals have concern that because of this population growth that the pleasant small town atmosphere will disappear.


            I myself live just outside Shelburne but travel there for groceries and other amenities and have noticed the growth first hand. Shelburne has become more diverse and developed in the last 5 years then it has for a long time. But although I can see the growth, Shelburne has maintained its small town feel. People are very friendly and if you go out you are likely to see someone you know. Shelburne has grown but maintained its charm.

            Growth is a good thing, and Shelburne is not only growing crops, but also growing in population.

* Read more here:  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/toronto-driven-growth-fuels-boom-in-sleepyshelburne/article34205376/

If you have any other questions or would like to know more about how to move into the charming, growing town of Shelburne I would love to help. Feel free to contact me anytime.